January 22, 2018 | 8:56pm ET



Daniel (#22) and Henrik (#33) Sedin


Daniel and Henrik Sedin are reportedly interested in playing another season in the NHL, and presumably for the Vancouver Canucks, next season, but they haven’t decided what route they want to take.

J.P. Barry, who represents the Sedins as their agent, told Sportsnet’s Iain MacIntyre he plans on discussing their futures in the coming weeks to determine what their plan is for next season.

“The twins have played really well the last couple of months,” Barry said. “But we still need to meet, we still need to have a discussion. There hasn’t been any decision made about next season.”

The Sedins, who each own a no-movement clause in their contracts, will not be traded by the Feb. 26 deadline, but their decision to play, or not play, next season could dictate what Canucks GM Jim Benning does by deadline day.

“We’re not going to hold them to anything now,” Benning told Sportsnet. “But for planning purposes, what they might want to do could affect decisions we make at the deadline.”

If the Sedins don’t return, or somehow price themselves out of Vancouver’s budget, Benning will have to keep that in mind when trading defenceman Erik Gudbranson, who is expected to be dealt.

The twins’ decision will also play a factor in winger Thomas Vanek’s future, MacIntyre suggests, as the Canucks may be more inclined to keep him and sign him to an extension if the Sedins won’t be back – though it appears more likely the Canucks will move Vanek, regardless.

Vanek, Gudbranson and the Sedins can become unrestricted free agents July 1.

If the Sedins officially decide they want to return next season, the Canucks and Barry will have to determine the type of contract they would receive based on their expected playing time. It’s possible, albeit highly unlikely, the Canucks balk at the Sedins’ asking price and let them walk as free agents.

But neither side needs to worry about that, too much, until the off-season.

Vanek and Gudbranson currently rank 3rd and 4th, respectively, on TFP’s Top 30 Available Players List.