aPRIL 29, 2018 | 11:49aM ET



Jeff Gorton, GM


The New York Rangers wound up with the No.9 selection in the first-round of this June’s NHL Draft, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be drafting at that position.

Rangers GM Jeff Gorton hinted the team might look to move up in the Draft, and they certainly have the assets to get a deal done.

“We’re pretty confident going to get a good player at nine. . . . if we’re still there,” Gorton told the New York Post.

“We’ll have various conversations leading into the draft. There are a number of different scenarios we’ll consider.”

Last summer, the Rangers traded centre Derek Stepan and goaltender Antti Raanta to the Arizona Coyotes in a deal that landed them the seventh-overall pick. This summer, they could package the ninth-overall selection with one of their other first-round picks and move up.

The Rangers also own Boston and Tampa Bay’s first-round picks this year, both of which will fall within 26th overall and 31st overall.

The Post suggests the Rangers are unlikely to move up into the Top 3, which could see them target the Ottawa Senators, at No.4, or Coyotes, at No.5.

“We’re looking for assets, looking for the best players,” Gorton said. “I’m not a believer in picking by position. I don’t remember ever picking by position.”