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Updated: December 29, 2016

In this week's TFP Power Rankings, presented by True Rivalry, we close out 2016 and outline each team's New Year's resolution for 2017.


Last Week


1 1 Don't fall off the wagon.
2 11 Let it ride, build off the current confidence.
3 3 Maintain the course, add a veteran body and repeat.
4 5 Improve team defense.
5 14 Finish what you've started.
6 6 Worry about the salary cap later.
7 2 Maintain the "by committee" approach and stay healthy.
8 7 Go for it.
9 13 Battle for top spot in the Atlantic.
10 4 Figure out if Steve Mason is the man in net or not.
11 10 Find a proper package for Kevin Shattenkirk.
12 9 Make. The. Playoffs.
13 8 Finally find a long-term solution at the 1LW position.
14 12 Beat "team defense" into the players' heads.
15 18 Acquire a second-pair veteran defenseman and go after the Cup.
16 15 Bring in a goal-scorer to play alongside Anze Kopitar.
17 16 Map out proper plan to retool the defense.
18 24 Add young core asset to the blueline.
19 23 Give the kids more ice time and let them enhance their progression.
20 19 Let Dale Tallon do what Dale Tallon does.
21 26 Go get Marc-Andre Fleury.
22 21 Make a decision on a goalie.
23 22 Take a breath and let the offense get its act together.
24 17 Realize the streak is over and continue to retool.
25 25 Get John Tavares a capable, long-term linemate (at least).
26 27 Build up the blueline and find a long-term solution in net.
27 20 Continue current path, and add to top six.
28 28 Embrace the rebuild. It's not that difficult.
29 29 Change things up, it's time for a major shake up.
30 30 Let Shane Doan do whatever he wants.

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