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February 6, 2017 | 10:12am ET
Caps comfortable as deadline approaches

The Washington Capitals have been in the Stanley Cup discussion in recent seasons and this year is no different.

Through their impressive season last year and the acquisition of the President's trophy, most bets were on the Caps for the Cup. Eventually, that run ended when they lost to the current defending Stanley Cup champs, the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Well, this season they're on pace for another run at the Cup.

The Capitals have the talent; they have the goaltending and the depth necessary for a playoff run and a chance at the Cup, once again. The trade deadline is creeping up and everyone is wondering what their team might do or who they might move.

If you're a Caps fan, you can sleep sound. This team is stacked and General Manager Brian MacLellan is confidently content in his hockey club.

"We've got good chemistry, which is important. It seems like out lines are all settled in here," MacLellan told ESPN's Pierre LeBrun via a phone call. "Everyone is comfortable with their roles, the coaches are comfortable. So it has more the feel right now of something you don't want to mess with... at all, in my mind, because it's running smooth right now. So I'd be more inclined to do nothing. But it doesn't mean that we're not going to go through a process of, 'Can we upgrade on guys?'"

The trade market, as it sits right now, doesn't really provide any possibilities for this organization.

The Capitals might go for more depth in their farm system, but it would appear -- with eyes on the prize -- MacLellan is moving forward with what he's got.


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