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February 3, 2017 | 9:38am ET
Sharks focus remains adding from within

The San Jose Sharks are the trendy team in the Pacific. Projected to snag the division, the Sharks have done a remarkable job formulating their lineup, as well as their farm system.

The trade deadline looms and San Jose shows no signs of interest in making a big move.

Sharks GM Doug Wilson shared his thoughts on the trade market in a recent Q&A with the San Jose Mercury News.

"We look at it from our point of view," Wilson told the paper. "We take a look at every team in the league and there's teams that are trying to decide if they're a today team or a tomorrow team.

"The cap system, we're going to need (our prospects). Having said that, do you explore everything? Yeah, we always have and we always will. But the next month or so will be another opportunity -- knock on wood, we get a couple guys back healthy -- it would be nice to have all our puzzle pieces together so you get to view your team. I think we have a pretty good read on our group and right now, we like the depth, we like the competition that's there. It's a battle just to stay in. I see more competition coming from the Barracuda if you ask (coach) Roy (Sommer)."

While of course they would explore anything that might stand out, that's probably the most "politically correct" answer.

Along with a few other teams in the league, the Sharks are pretty content with the depth they have in their system and will focus on their organization's need to thrive with the parts they have.

The Sharks have inquired about a backup goalie, though, calling the Winnipeg Jets about netminder Michael Hutchinson, but it's unclear if talks have progressed.


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