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June 16, 2017 | 11:19pm ET
Fleury trade might be unlikely

The Pittsburgh Penguins are talking to other teams about goalie Marc-Andre Fleury, but barring a last minute change, which would likely occur Saturday, a trade seems unlikely.

In speaking with a source close to the Penguins, the sense as of Friday night is that Fleury will be left available for the Vegas Golden Knights to select in the expansion draft.

The Penguins would certainly be taking their chances and the Knights would be free to scoop Fleury up, but this picture will become a lot clearer come 3pm ET on Saturday when the trade/waiver freeze kicks in.

Several teams have expressed interest in Fleury, but so far a deal is nowhere to be found.

Fleury owns a limited no-trade clause as part of his no-movement clause, which he waived in order to be exposed in the expansion draft, and can list 12 teams he will not accept a trade to.

TFP has reported that the Buffalo Sabres are on Fleury's no-trade list, but it's unclear what other teams are also on his list.


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