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November 6, 2017 | 8:37pm ET
Sarrazin: Expect a Splash in Montreal

MONTREAL, QC -- How is everything? Howís the family? Howís the job? I havenít seen you in a while.

Thatís mostly my fault.

When a team has a regular-season start like the Montreal Canadiens have had, there really isnít much to write about that you, as the reader, doesnít already know.

I could tell you that things have not done as planned and no one saw this coming. Or that Montreal wonít make a desperate move to try to save the season. That itís too early to jump out the window, but your concern is the feeling that we all share, and is warranted. That Carey Price isnít himself, and that can be due to several things, mainly that the defensive team in front of him has had a huge overhaul, and the rhythm of understanding his new team members patterns is a difficult task, but still doesnít completely excuse his poor play. That if the Canadiens improved their shot accuracy and the goaltending improved their save percentage, similar to what they have done recently, there would be a few more Ws in the bank. That Marc Bergevin wonít be relieved of his duties this year.

Or, that the Canadiens are playing better than their placement in the standings shows, and should this current play stay consistent, there is nothing to be concerned about?

Have I hit everything that I could have told you that you already knew? Probably not, but I think I nailed the major storylines.

What I am here to do is discuss the $8M+ splash is coming. Maybe not today or this weekend, but rest assured it is coming.

A lot of people wonder why Bergevin hasnít dipped into his wallet yet, to help salvage what has been a very difficult start to the season, even with four wins in their last five games. There are three reasons why I believe he hasnít.

First off, having dollars banked doesnít mean theyíre simple to spend. If Bergevin wants to spend his dollars on top tier talent, there really isnít any talent available to spend it on -- the Habs made it clear they werenít interested in Matt Duchene at Coloradoís asking price.

Have you ever gone to the grocery store and try to find fresh produce, but itís the end of the day and you canít find anything that looks ďthat great.Ē Sure, there are a couple of editable products that could pass, depending on how hungry you are, but you prefer not to go down that road. Thatís where the Canadiens are when trying to spend their dollars. If the Habs want to spend their cap space, the only way to do it is via trade.

This brings me to my second point.

Any player the Canadiens wanted to trade off to get something of value back would be a kingís ransom based on mediocre play. While the Canadiens have at least played Bergevin out of dealing from a position of complete weakness in recent games, the Habs arenít exactly holding any cards, at the moment, and still, no GM is going to be doing any favours for Mr. Bergevin.

And lastly, GMs traditionally arenít looking to trade this early on in the year.

While Montreal was in a tail spin, other teams were still looking at what their teams were made of, and are nowhere near the desperation the Habs found themselves in.

Bergevin could pick up the phone and call every single team, and while they would all listen to what he has to say, the majority of them still want to see how their off-season moves work out. For most of them, trading isnít of extreme interest, let alone trading away a top tier player the Canadiens fanbase is itching for Bergevin to do. Most of us donít even trade players in fantasy leagues until you get a better idea after a month or so, to better understand what your team needs.

So a big trade in November? For Montreal, itís not Likely.

But now we are getting past the point where GMs are still figuring out what they have, and what they need. Scouting is increasing and phone calls are more frequent.

And Bergevinís $8M+ cap space that he had in his wallet is slowly growing. Even with those rumours of Montreal and New York making the rounds, they may not make sense at the moment for either team.

New York is reportedly in the market for defense, and Montrealís defensive lineup isnít exactly overflowing with talent they can give away. Victor Mete has been a great surprise, but his addition, while timely, doesnít scream ďMontreal is deep on the blueline.Ē If carrying seven defensemen in a game isnít even a reasonable consideration, then you probably canít stand to lose one.

There is pressure on the Canadiensí GM, but making a move right now will certainly not improve the roster in a significant way. These dollars are leverage and freedom, and if the available players are limited in the NHL, then Bergevin wonít handcuff himself to a player that will score 15 goals. Heís going to try and weather the storm.

But one thingís for certain: these dollars will be spent.

When, you ask? Bergevin has always struck when no one saw it coming.

Andrew Sarrazin is the Montreal Correspondent for The Fourth Period. Follow him on Twitter.


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