September 9, 2010 // 12:13pm ET
Five minutes with Rick Nash
By Marc Pannia,

The Fourth Period recently caught up with NHL superstar and Columbus Blue Jackets captain Rick Nash at the Hockey Hall of Fame while promoting the brand new NHL 2K11 game for Nintendo Wii.

TFP: Why are you here today Rick?

Rick Nash: I'm here promoting 2K11 Ryan Kesler's game, he's on the cover. I was on the cover two years ago and you know the game has come a long way and have made some pretty cool jumps from 2K9. We're just here promoting it and teaching people how to play it.

TFP: Are you doing all the promoting work to boost your rating?

Rick Nash: Hahaha, yeah to boost my rating and hopefully get some free games out of it! But I think I am up at a 95 now.

TFP: That's not bad at all

Rick Nash: Yeah, I know I am pretty high. I am pretty happy about it. I think I'm over-achieving a bit right now

TFP: When you play the game, do you use Columbus?

Rick Nash: Yea, I do sometimes. But if I really need a win or to beat someone I will probably use a Pittsburgh or Chicago.

TFP: In "Be A GM" mode do you fill in Doug MacLean as your GM?

Rick Nash: Of course! Oh yeah, I have to. Doug is a great GM and a good friend and I think he did a great job in Columbus; well he brought me there so I am hoping he did a good job.

TFP: So, how is your summer going? What are you doing to get in shape for the 2010-11 NHL season?

Rick Nash: Just training every day, back on the ice quite a bit now, just trying to stay away from fast food and things like that.

TFP: Being the captain of the Blue Jackets, do you have control over the music in the room?

Rick Nash: I am happy to say that when it comes to music I have final say. But you know we have guys from out West that love country, guys from around Toronto that love rap, we got some Euros that listen to Abba and all that different kind of stuff. It's kind of a good mix, but at the end of the day I have earned the right to the radio.

TFP: So what's on your playlist?

Rick Nash: I am into a bit of everything, but mostly just punk, like Blink182 and Greenday, those kinds of bands.

TFP: Finally Rick, as the captain it's your job to lead the team. Can you give us a quick speech you would tell the boys to get them fired up before you hit the ice?

Rick Nash: You know, I am not much of a talker, but if I did it would probably be something like: "Tonight is the night we're going do it! It's a big game and we need you to leave everything out on the ice" and then I would probably just slam my stick on the ground and say "Lets go!!"

TFP: Thanks for your time Rick

Rick Nash: My pleasure, see you again soon.


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