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February 27, 2008 | 8:45pm ET
Taking your emails.
TFP Editor-in-Chief David Pagnotta answers some of your questions regarding what happened, and didn't happen, during the 2008 NHL Trade Deadline.

[TORONTO, ON] -- Twenty-five trades and 46 players later; the 2008 NHL Trade Deadline has come and come.

I love this time of year, but I'm so happy it's over -- I get to sleep again!

Tuesday was a huge day, filled with trades and potential deals that fell through. I've received a boat load of emails about yesterday's event, way too many to reply to individually, so I'll answer a chunk of them here.

Before I do that, a special thanks to Dan Kingerski, who hosted our live trade deadline broadcast all day. Also, big time props to Greg Wyshynski, Dennis Bernstein, Francis Anzalone, Todd Hlushko, Todd Harvey and Ron Tugnutt for their expert analysis.

Now, on to your emails [I'm not able to reply to all, but I'll do my best]...

Hey Dave.

First of all I'd like to let you know I love the site and keep up the great stuff!

Secondly, Peter Chiarelli, Bruins GM, said in today's press conference that they were interested in two players. One of the teams was asking too much so the Bruins dropped out. He then said he was interested in another player and the GM never got back to him. Chiarelli said he was surprised it didn't get done. Backman is my only guess for the 'almost done' deal. Any idea who these players could be?

Thanks so much,
Brock Murphy

Hi Brock,

Thanks for the kind words. To answer your question, the Bruins were involved in the Marian Hossa sweepstakes heading into this morning. By around mid-day, the Thrashers had a few offers on the table, and were returning calls with counter offers. At that point, the Thrashers asked for Phil Kessel to be inserted into a package and Chiarelli said 'no thanks.'

As for the other player, I know the Bruins were scouted Chicago and Los Angeles last week, but I'm can't speculate as to who the other guy might be, simply because it could be anybody. The Bruins were looking for a second-line scorer and a defenseman, but came up short.

What moves were the Flyers trying to make if at all? I read that you thought they were looking for a top six winger. Also, was it the Flyers that Pavel Kubina chose to use his no-trade clause on?

Justin S.
North Wales, PA

Philadelphia was looking to bolstering both ends of the ice.

The Flyers tried to bring in a goal-scoring forward and a top-three defenseman. They were dangling Jeff Carter as trade bait, but came up empty. Philly has been hit with the injury bug and that had GM Paul Holmgren itching to pull the trigger, but he wasn't able to finalize a trade that made sense for the organization. After Tomas Kaberle refused to waive his no-trade clause last week, the Flyers did ask about Kubina. However, it was San Jose that had a deal in place for Kubina. After originally telling GM Cliff Fletcher he'd waive his no-trade, he quickly changed his mind.

Did the Predators to your knowledge even make any attempts to move for a big name player?
Thank you,

The Predators inquired about Vaclav Prospal before he was dealt to Philly on Monday, as well as the Islanders' Ruslan Fedotenko, but I didn't get any indication that Nashville was a team looking to make a big splash for a big name guy.

Dear Dave, Just wondering if you heard any rumors about the sabres and them making any other deals besides campbell...and the same goes for the columbus blue jackets! Excellent work on the show!(front page of your website) Hope to hear back from ya!

Will - Syracuse
Hey Will,

Thanks for the props. Glad you enjoyed it. With regards to the Sabres... they were primarily focused on Brian Campbell and getting the best return for him. I really like what Buffalo did in getting Steve Bernier and a 1st rounder pick. Bernier's a very solid young kid who will help the Sabres down the road once he has more experience under his belt. Look for the Sabres to retool over the off-season. The Campbell move had to be made and GM Darcy Regier will focus on reshaping his roster over the summer. We could see the likes of Tim Connolly and Maxim Afinogenov not in the lineup come October.

As for the Blue Jackets, they tried to sign Adam Foote to a two-year extension, but they were unable to finalize a deal. From what I'm told, the two sides weren't that far off on a new contract, but time was running out and Columbus opted to move Footer to Colorado.

Hey Dave,

Great work today, was on your site all day, THANKS :)

I was just wondering if their were any deals that the New Jersey Devils didn't make but had on the table....
I am a die-hard devils fan and I was just wondering if the Devils had anything in the works...

Thanks Dave and I look forward from hearing from you

keep up the good work.
Well, the Devils looked at trying to bring in a second-line center and inquired about Chicago's Robert Lang and Tampa's Vaclav Prospal. Lang didn't end up leaving and Prospal went to Philadelphia on Monday night. Devils GM Lou Lamoriello said he didn't want to mess too much with the team's current roster, which might be an excuse, but he isn't one to pull the trigger simply for the fun of it.

They also looked at Rob Blake, but he wasn't going to waive his no-trade clause for an Eastern Conference team.

why would the isles not trade satan or ruslan...especially satan, hes in his walk yr, and has only 14 goals thus far.....snow couldnt get at least a 2nd rder for him.....hes not worth signing and dumping him and replacing him with tambellini who is on fire at bridgeport would be fine the rest of the way....even if this team makes the playoffs its 1 and done.....and bergeron for a pick?!?!? c,mon...his blast on the point is worth his def. lapses and whats the report on this davison character??......thanx
--frustrated isles fan
I can definitely see where you're coming from, but the answers here are pretty simple. Miroslav Satan has a no-trade clause and would not accept a trade unless it was to a clear-cut Stanley Cup contender. A few teams asked about him, but they weren't willing to give up what GM Garth Snow was looking for.

With regards to Marc-Andre Bergeron, he fell out of favor in Long Island from an internal standpoint and the Isles wanted to get rid of him. As for Rob Davison, he was primarily brought in to replace Chris Simon's physical game. He's a big, bruising defenseman and can throw 'em down. He's a solid 5-6 defenseman.

Hi Dave,
Love the site. I was glued to it the entire day. I am a big Wings fan. Personally, I love the deal for Stuart. It fills a big hole we had due to injuries and all things considered, it was for a pretty cheap price. My question is, how close were they to filling their other main need, second line scoring? Ever since Cleary was hurt, Zetterberg has been forced to take the load, and the whole team has suffered. Thanks for the site!
Hi Zach,

Brad Stuart definitely gives the Wings much depth on the blueline and a body they needed back there. Detroit was looking to bring in a second-line scorer, but their options were limited. GM Ken Holland has zero interest in moving their young studs and high draft picks and that kept them from being a big player. The Wings are still a very strong team and they'll battle through any issues in time for the playoffs. Every team goes through its problems. It's the champions that overcome them.

Hey Dave,

What the heck happened with Robert Lang? The Chicago papers all say he got pulled off the ice during practice. We were SURE he was headed out the door, but then nothing...

Enlighten us, please.

A Hawk fan
My information on this subject is relatively limited, but with so many emails on the subject, I'll address it online.

Chicago had a trade in place for Lang. From my understanding, Minnesota was very interested, as was New Jersey. From what I'm told from a Chicago-based source, the deal fell apart at the last minute and Lang's still a Blackhawk.

What was Montreal thinking?! Huet for a 2nd??? And no "impact player" like Gainey said... can u tell me what's going on?
Hi Michel,

The amount of emails I've received on this was almost overwhelming! A lot of people are looking for answers on why the Habs weren't busier, and I'll do my best to address all your questions here.

With regards to Crisotbal Huet, the Canadiens weren't planning on signing him this summer. He's a UFA at season's end and GM Bob Gainey wanted to get something for him, rather than lose him for nothing. At the time, however, the market wasn't entirely set and Gainey may have jumped the gun - he probably could've received a little extra from the Capitals. Nevertheless, the Canadiens plan on going with Carey Price and Jaroslav Halak down the stretch.

It appeared as if the Habs were banking on another trade, or two. Yes, Gainey was extremely involved in the Marian Hossa sweepstakes, but lost out in the final hour. Pittsburgh increased their efforts around 1pm ET and then upped their offer even further. At that point, Gainey pulled himself out of the race... and I can't really blame him. There's talk the Thrashers wanted Chris Higgins, Mikhail Grabovski and Kyle Chipchura, and Gainey wasn't going to give that up for a potential free agent. If Hossa's available July 1, they'll try to sign him then.

Thanks again for all the emails from everyone! I'll keep trying to reply via email, but please keep in mind I can't get back to everyone. Thanks again!


David Pagnotta is the Editor-in-Chief of The Fourth Period Magazine and covers the Toronto Maple Leafs and the NHL for He is also a contributing writer for and MSNBC.



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