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April 30, 2012 | 8:56pm ET
Makeup Mistakes
 TFP's newest Lifestyle Columnist, Carrie Oehm, offers her makeup tips, which we can only hope applies to face painting.

The way makeup is applied can either make or break a person. Some women, and occasionally a metro sexual man, can look fabulous with makeup on. However, there are always those people that look like they got hit by a paintball gun or took makeup tips from Tammy Fay Baker.

These are the people that commit the nasty I'd like to call, Makeup Mayhem.

There are many different makeup mayhems that can occur. I mean, let's take blue eye-shadow for instance; the person who invented this essential shade was probably the same person that invented yellow elastics for braces.

Also, ladies and gentlemen, please stop rubbing yourself with crappy tanning lotion; you look like you've been eating carrots for the past year and could possibly star in the next Willy Wonka flick.

Another product that people need to chill on is eyeliner. It might have been cool for Green Day or The Cure to wear, but common guys, put the pencil down and back away.

Also, please don't try and resemble a Barbie or Lady Gaga unless it's Halloween. Applying more and more makeup doesn't make you look good it just makes you look like a staving artist project.

Obviously, I'm not a makeup expert, but I do know when makeup looks good and when it looks very, very bad. From what I've learned is to just keep your makeup natural -- if you're going out at night, just add a little bit more POW.

Less is more, I can't stress that enough!

Some celebrities who always seem to have phenomenal makeup on would be Lauren Conrad, Mila Kunis and Queen Latifa. These are ladies that know what's up; they look bomb, fresh, and they don't over due it. Rather than Snooki, Lindsay Lohan or Taylor Momsen, who look like they got ready on a bumpy bus with parkenstsans in the small, dark compact washroom in the back.

If you don't know how to apply makeup, get help or go to your local Sophora, Mac counter, Neiman Marcus, or Sacs Fifth Avenue.

It's simple; to do a good job, you just need to know how to apply correctly. They are fun, they know what they are talking about and they will show you tricks and tools to help you learn the right way to apply makeup. Even watching YouTube videos can teach you great tips.

Finally, here are some makeup mayhems that you should avoid.

1) Don't pull a Tammy Faye Baker

2) Don't over apply dark eye shadow or you will look like the lead singer from The Cure, or as if you got hit in the face with a hockey puck.

3) Don't apply blue eye shadow as if your face is a St. Louis Blues' jersey or like Mimi from the Drew Carey Show does.

4) Don't overdue the tanning bed. Orange you glad you aren't pale?

Carrie Oehm is a Lifestyle Columnist for


Apr. 30, 2012 Makeup Mistakes

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