September 3, 2009
Ray to Heatley's Rescue
TFP Columnist Dennis Bernstein proves not everybody is against Dany Heatley.

[LOS ANGELES, CA] -- While Los Angeles Kings' GM Dean Lombardi burned when asked about the prospects of acquiring Ottawa's Dany Heatley at last weekend's Kings Hockeyfest, other attendees fiddled.

Specifically, former King and current broadcaster Ray Ferraro, who lent his expertise to an "NHL Experts" panel comprised of Kings' TV color analyst Jim Fox and Hockey Night in Canada and former Kings' netminder, Kelly Hrudey.

After Ferraro spoke about the Kings' chances to reach the playoffs since 2001 (Ray expects them to be in a scrum of six teams fighting for the 6-7-8 berths), he was questioned about the availability of Heatley and his possible destinations.

The topic of Heatley's troubles and how they would affect a new team came up stirred very pointed remarks about the former 50 goal scorer from Ferraro, who scored 406 career goals in the NHL.

"Let me tell you something, when I was in Atlanta, I roomed with Dany. Anyone who says he's a bad guy is full of (crap)," Ferraro said. "You had a situation where he signed a big deal and had what I call, 'The Summer of Dany.' He didn't work out, went to baseball games and came back a step out of shape. But you're talking about a talent who was out of shape and still scored 36 goals last year.

"Two years go, he scored 50 goals and how many players scored 50 in the league last year? Two? Does he have more growing up to do? Of course he does. If he winds up staying in Ottawa, he's going to have to go to the team and have a sit down with them to make things right. He's going to have to say that although he's asked been traded, he's ready to give 100%."

Heatley's request to be traded, though made earlier than June, was made public during the Stanley Cup Finals.

"The worst thing about the off season situation is that it went public," Ferraro said. "People don't realize that players ask for trades all the time but the demands never go public and that was unfortunate. But you're talking about a one-shot scorer, and how many of those are in the league."

When asked about the scenario in which San Jose Sharks GM Doug Wilson would call him for his opinion, Ferraro put it in perspective.

"I'd tell him that he shouldn't hesitate because you have the ability to acquire a one of kind talent," he said. "Sean Avery is divisive, Dany Heatley isn't."

Dennis Bernstein, the man behind SCORE! Media and an NHL Analyst with ESPN Radio, is the Los Angeles Correspondent for The Fourth Period Magazine and a Columnist for

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